1.  A fast food restaurant had trouble with their walk-in freezer.  The refrigeration system had been requiring frequent costly repairs and the food had not been kept cold enough.  After examining the problem, the issue was that the employees weren't closing the door.  The store keeper got pricing from the freezer manufacturer for an air curtain for the door (approx.  $5100.00).  R.C. Systems solved the problem with a door timer ($50.00).  If the door was open longer than a preset time, the alarm sounds.  By the end of the week, every employee was trained to SHUT THE DOOR.  If an employee forgot, the alarm sounded, and every other employee would shout 'SHUT THE   @$#&^*   DOOR!!!'.   Problem solved.

2.  A manufacturing facility had machinery that on error or end of job would use a telephone line to communicate with a control station.  The problem was at times, if the telephone line was ringing, the machine would try to dial on a ringing line, and would miss communicating.  Programmers were called to try to reconfigure the machine not to dial during ringing, or to reprogram the telephone equipment not to allow ringing on the line.  R.C. Systems designed a device to install on the telephone line to immediately 'hang-up' on a ringing line, canceling the call, freeing the line and eliminating the problem. No reprogramming needed.

3.  A contracting business that had heavy earth moving equipment had problems with unauthorized use.  After trying special keying and anti-theft devices, the owner decided these devices were too time consuming and a major hassle.  R.C. Systems designed circuitry requiring the operator to operate the controls in a particular sequence before the machine could start.  Even if someone would watch the operator, chances are they wouldn't catch on to what he did to allow the equipment to start.  Problem solved.